Effective March 2nd 2023, TransUnion Plus will no longer be supported and your membership will be closed.  We partnered with SmartCredit® to give you full access to all the great features you loved with TransUnion Plus, and more at a discounted price. Sign Up Now >>

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Live ID Protect™

Our Live ID Protect works to help guard your money, credit and identity. Live ID Protect allows you to quickly know when your identity is potentially being misused. We are regularly monitoring your credit and financial information to help safeguard you against identity theft.

Easy set up
Live ID Protect Status Screen
Live ID Protect™ is complete protection

Here are some of the Alerts you get, keeping you well informed:

  • New Inquiry reported
  • Negative/Derogatory account status change
  • New Account reported
  • Creditor Reported Bankruptcy
  • New address reported
  • New employment reported
  • An Account has improved its status
  • Enhanced Inquiry - This contains additional information including the name, address, and employer that was put on a credit application for the inquiry.
  • New Public Record reported
  • Amount Exceeded Alert Setting
Alerts sent to your smart phone or email.
IPhone Alerts Preview
Alerts In-Box

*TransUnion Plus alerts you to the following: (1) new accounts that appear on your TransUnion credit report, (2) certain inquiries from creditors to TransUnion regarding your credit information, including inquiries made in connection with an attempt to open a new account in your name.